Sunday, April 1, 2007


I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time. Today, April 1, 2007 of all possible days, I finally kicked it off.

About 2 years ago I came in contact with an exciting new technology to produce green fuel, which turned out to completely change my life. I have come a long way since then. I will certainly write more about my personal exposure in future posts.

The technology I am talking about has many different names. I prefer to call it Thermo Catalytic Depolymerization (TCDP), the most complete descriptive term I can think of. It is nothing new, as research and application reaches back at least 100 years. However, in our current world driven by fossil energy resources combined with piling up mountains of all kinds of waste, it never came to a break through.

The technology I am talking about is incredibly versatile. It is able to turn all kinds of waste materials including biomass waste and energy crops into transportation fuels. At todays crude oil prices it is economically competitive, it offers a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore helps to reduce the impact of the resulting climate change.

TCDP offers a solution for clean energy supply and for the growing problems of waste handling.

This blog intends to give a step by step introduction to TCDP and how it can change this world by exploring its numerous facets in relation to todays many environmental challenges. It should also give hope to the many people who feel depressed by the mounting problems of climate change and the little willingness of the leaders of the world to act.

I also want to state up front, that I am not a mere interested observer in this matter. I am actively involved in the development and global marketing of the implementation. I certainly hope, that my partners and I will become the market leader in this field in the next couple of years and I am absolutely convinced that our plant design is the best you can currently find anywhere.

However, it is my true intention to always put TCDP as a principal technology first and our implementation second. I want as many people as possible to become familiar with depolymerization and all its related aspects. We don't have much time left to fight the effects of climate change.

Of course, I don't expect everybody to share my judgment about the best implementation design. I am actually looking forward to a lively discussion about the best solutions.