Jatropha for Dummies

We have established a little miniseries "Jatropha for Dummies" as an introduction to Jatropha curcas as we see it: an energy and animal feed crop for the future as the world has not seen it before...

Once this exciting plant will be completely developed for commercial use, it will...
  • ....provide a renewable source for up to 20% of the worlds consumption of jet fuels
  • ....become a major source for protein rich animal feed mainly for poultry and fish
  • ....help offset the consequences of climate change in tropical regions
  • ....support sustainable agroforestry system for reclamation of contaminated and depleted soil
The Jatropha for Dummies Series is also published on Bionic's Jatropha Breeder Facebook Page.

Here are the links to the articles:
Coming soon: 
  • Jatropha for Dummies - Part 4 - Equipment and Processing
  • Jatropha for Dummies - Part 5 - JcL Break Through - But When?