The Bionic Enterprises Group

What we call The Bionic Enterprises Group is a number of companies united through the common thinking of their founders/owners. Not all of the companies are financially connected or affiliated at this time, while a strategic conversion process is planned, which will happen over time.

The most important companies in the group:

Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc. Oswego, NY is an owner and manager of intellectual property rights and the future structural core of the group.

Bionic Laboratories GmbH, Gross-Gerau, Germany, is the developer and supplier of advanced alternative fuel technologies based on the use of microwave applications and other innovative methods.

Bionic Palm Ltd, Ghana, is a specialist in African agriculture and agroforestry with expertise in sustainable food and energy farming, Jatropha development and contract management of investment projects.

Our worldwide partner network

Over the years we have built an extensive network of partners around the world, some of which are listed below. We will add more over time. Follow the links and find out more about them.

Some of our partners worldwide:

Smeral Brno a.s. is a heavy machine manufacturer in the Czech Republic with a long history of success. Smeral is Bionic's prime manufacturing partner of choice for the core reactor unit and functions as EPC in several Bionic Fuel projects.