The µfuel MF60 Demonstrator

This is mainly an index page listing all prior posts regarding the mf60 µfuel prototype and demonstration plant built and in operation at the premises of Bionic's manufacturer SMERAL at Brno in the Czech Republic.

The mf60 demonstrator unit in May 2014
In February 2013 we announced the demonstrator for the first time:
New Bionic µBTL reactor type announced

In March and June 2013 we reported on the project progress:
Construction of the first Bionic µBTL MF60D reactor on schedule
The new Bionic µBTL MF60D entered the assembly phase

In August 2013 preliminary testing started:
Bionic µBTL mf60d demonstrator entered test phase

And we again reported on the status after the first public announcement had occurred in October 2013:
One month after the bionicfuel mf60d went public...

And a lot of hard work on the details followed for the engineering team until we reported again in March 2014:
More rigorous testing upcoming for the bionicfuel mf60 prototype

And finally a special article on the modular design principle of the Bionic µfuel program:
bionicfuel modular design proves highly advantageous

At Bionic we hope, this overview page makes it easier for interested readers to follow the complete history of the project which today, in May 2014, has proven beyond doubt in numerous presentations and test runs that the µfuel concept is ready for commercial implementation and has a very bright future ahead of it.